Customer Care

The Directors and Staff at SEC are committed to ensuring that you receive a high quality of service and product. Throughout the project Customer care is monitored and controlled by our site teams.

Once our team have vacated site our SEC Aftercare services team take over and controls any outstanding issues through an advanced tracking system sending regular updates to make sure that all outstanding issues are resolved.

Our commitment to our clients is treated and held in the highest regard within our business and ensuring that both our clients and end users find the support and reaction to an issue or advice is responded to in the most effective, proactive manner.

The monitoring, recording and active management allows us to develop, learn and communicate on a regular basis with our manufacturers and supply chain as part of our overall service which we offer our Clients and end users.

We at SEC are persistent and determined to ensure any outstanding issues are resolved in the most effective, expedient manner and to provide a professional, efficient and helpful service at all times.